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on Google, Bing and Yahoo



Staxio is the simple way to drive your SEO game to new heights. It creates High Domain Authority properties that help climb the search rankings with the help of Google itself.

Google SEO Entity Stacks

HTML Websites

Blogger Sites

Microsoft Files

Unified Indexing Dashboard

Unlimited Authority Backlinks

Cloud Xplorer

Navigate and manage cloud platforms using a tree-view explorer

How amazing would it be if we could navigate and manage existing files and folders on cloud platforms the exact same way we do on file explorer? With the same expandable tree-structure look and feel?

We searched and couldn't find one, so guess what...

We created Cloud Xplorer🔥

Create Buckets

Upload Google Stacks

Expand/Collapse Tree-View

Upload HTML Files

Delete Files, Folders, Buckets

YouTube Live Events Builder

Create and schedule YouTube Live Events

Create YT Live Events

Create YT Playlists

Discover profitable Keywords

Leverage YouTube to rank in Google

Rank your Keywords in 24h or less

Live Events can be used to:

🔥Quickly discover profitable Keywords in real-time.

🔥Create dozens of YouTube Live Events in minutes.

🔥Poke for keywords that land on first page of SERPs.

🔥Impress your clients by earning trust and credibility.

Local SEO

Search for and create Points of Interest around your Business

Create a spreadsheet mapping your business data with links, Google Maps images, Pin Markers, Points of Interest, Driving Directions and StreetView Panoramas. Embed them directly into your website, use them for Local SEO campaigns or send as a report to your clients. Connecting your business to proximity locations such as other businesses and Points of Interest, sends a strong signal to Google and Search Engines that will increase your business visibility in Maps results and Organic results.

Google Maps Pins

Create and download Google Maps images with Pin Markers for relevant Points of Interest around your Business location. Staxio builds clusters of public-on-the-web images, and creates a Google SpreadSheet report with links and images with your data.

StreetView Panoramas

Download StreetView Panorama images to Google Drive and get a public shareable link to use them everywhere you like. Staxio Maps URL Builder will also insert them into a Google SpreadSheet with multiple links for optimal SEO results.

Google Maps Driving Directions

Create Driving, Walking, Bicycling and Transit Directions

Linking your Business to Points of Interest (POI's) is a Local SEO strategy that will increase your business visibility in Google Maps.

Connecting your GMB Business listing to nearby and Google identified POI's will signal Search Engines to rank your location and have your business as a Point of Interest.

Create Driving Directions

Create Points of Interest

FROM and TO Directions

Multiple Travel Modes

Link Business to POI's

Boost your GMB


Building backlinks and optimized properties with: call-to-action header images, multiple keywords, schema, embeds, articles, videos, pictures... is time consuming.

With Staxio it takes only a few minutes to set up and launch your first SEO campaign. Like having a team of VA employees handling the hidden details that will rocket your SEO efforts.

Webmaster's dashboard

Planner for SEO Projects

Runs inside your Gmail

Step-by-step instructions

No proxies needed

100% Cloud based


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Points InterestLocal SEO
Google MapsWalkthru
Google MapsUpdates
Google MapsLocal SEO


Become a member of the Staxio mastermind community,

with training and ongoing advice from industry leaders


Videos, documents, tutorials and strategies

available inside our training platform


  • Using Google Stacks for SEO and Rankings - Part 1

  • Using Google Stacks for SEO and Rankings - Part 1 - Diagrams

  • Using Google Stacks for SEO and Rankings - Part 2

  • Using Google Stacks for SEO and Rankings - Part 2 - Diagrams

  • Building for E-Commerce

  • Link Building S.O.P. - Strategy

  • Link Building S.O.P. - Diagram


  • Overview - Indexer Dashboard

  • Activate your Yandex connection

  • Google+Bing+Yandex : add your first website


  • Using Google Stacks for SEO and Rankings - Part 1

  • Link Building Strategy - 1

  • Link Building Strategy - 2

  • Link Building Strategy - 3

  • Link Building Strategy - 4

  • Link Building Strategy - 5


  • Using Google Stacks for SEO and Rankings - Part 1

  • Creating Google Sites

  • Extending the embed item on Google Sites

  • Do-Follow Links + H1 H3 H3 on Google Sites


  • Using Google Stacks for SEO and Rankings - Part 1

  • Blogger Sites Builder + NewsAPI

  • Blogger Builder Links on Google Sheets

  • Blogger Builder - Publishing using API vs Email


  • Using Google Stacks for SEO and Rankings - Part 1 - Diagrams

  • Using Google Stacks for SEO and Rankings - Part 2 - Diagrams

  • Linking to Individual Pages Diagram

  • Link Building S.O.P. Diagram

  • Advanced Silo Structures


Domain Authority

Google SEO stacks















Unified Indexer

Google, Bing, Yahoo





Register, crawl and index your web properties on multiple search engines, from the same dashboard.


Multiple platforms





Build websites and publish content on multiple platforms.


Manage your properties and websites on Google, Bing, and Yahoo Webmaster Tools from the same dashboard.

Staxio handles actions from multiple webmaster tools into a single unified interface, saving heaps of time-consuming steps, clicking around and having to login to different platforms.



Have a variety of types of backlinks pointing to your site. Staxio creates inbound links from different pages and websites.


Better rankings plus a higher domain authority will in turn bring in more organic traffic to your online business.


SEO optimized content and keywords are a key component that increases the probability of reaching top positions in search engines.


Building links from powerful properties will increase the relevance and domain authority score of your website.





per month

Google & Blogger Sites
Google SEO Stacks
Microsoft Files
HTML Sites
Unified Indexer
News Scraper
Cloud Xplorer
YouTube Live Events
Training Platform
Private Mastermind
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Google & Blogger Sites
Google SEO Stacks
Microsoft Files
HTML Sites
Unified Indexer
News Scraper
Cloud Xplorer
YouTube Live Events
Training Platform
Private Mastermind
2 Month Savings
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One-time payment

Google & Blogger Sites
Google SEO Stacks
Microsoft Files
HTML Sites
Unified Indexer
News Scraper
Cloud Xplorer
YouTube Live Events
Training Platform
Private Mastermind
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Frequently asked questions

Ask us anything and get started faster!

What do I need to run the software?

Staxio is a first-of-a-kind Web App that runs 100% from inside your own Google account. It is fully cloud-based and it runs directly on the web. The only thing you need is a web browser.

What level of SEO experience do I need to use Staxio?

Zero. No joke. You don't need to be a wizard or have any special SEO knowledge to use Staxio. The concepts are very simple to understand, and Staxio may be the easiest tool you've ever experienced. We have created the 'Wizards' to help you even more, they are step-by-step instructions that you can follow along as you type in the information that Staxio needs. They were created to get quickly get you up to speed doing builds even without watching any tutorials or videos. And if you still have any doubts you can watch our training tutorials and ask questions inside our private mastermind.

Is there a limit to the number of properties I can create?

Staxio places no restrictions or limitations on usage, you can build and create as many properties as your Google account allows. This will vary based on the amount of storage you have available, or if you have a GSuite/Google Workspace account.

What is your refund policy?

On all Staxio subscriptions: If you’d like to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time, and we’ll cancel any upcoming charges from your card.

Staxio is the result of years of development and testing efforts to ensure accuracy and functionality. Our training information and systems are proprietary and a valuable asset.

Due to the nature of our digital product, we cannot refund any monthly payments that have already taken place. We do not offer refunds on the monthly licenses.

We have a 14 day refund period for yearly and lifetime licenses only. The 14 day refund period on the yearly and lifetime licenses is only applicable if you contact our support within this period.

The 14 day refund on the yearly and lifetime licenses is only applicable if our team finds that you did not access Staxio, or if you are unable to successfully login to Staxio. There will be no refunds after 14 days on any of our licenses. Our support team will aid in solving any issues.

Do you continue to add new features and improve on the platform?

Absolutely! We publish new features and enhancements on a regular basis. Plus we also accept feature requests from our valued members. And you can also vote for the features you'd like us to work on next.

Why is Staxio so expensive?

Yes, we could make Staxio cheaper. But if we did that it would be cheap. It wouldn't have the amazing support it has. It wouldn't be made on leading technology platforms. It wouldn't have regular updates or new features added constantly. So it's safe to say, Staxio will never be cheap. And that's a good thing.

Can I install Staxio on multiple computers?

All our licenses are Stand-alone Single-user licenses. The licenses are assigned to individual users only, and grants you, the single-user, access to Staxio on any number of machines as long as that same licensee is the only user. Multiple users using the same license is prohibited. Contact us if you're running an Agency, require additional licenses for Virtual Assistants, or need further clarification.

Can I connect additional Gmail accounts with Staxio?

You certainly can! You can purchase and connect additional accounts to your license. We offer several option and bulk discounts too. Contact our team for additional details.

Can I upgrade my license?

You certainly can! Contact us with your request and our team will gladly upgrade you to the license you need :)

Do you offer support if I need help?

Absolutely! Top-notch customer support is something out team is proud of, we’ll do our very best to resolve any issues you encounter.

I'm in ! What's the best way to get started?

Congratulations!!🥳All you need now is to grab one of the available subscription plans on this page, complete your purchase, and then read thru our Quick Start guides and videos that will provide you with the basics on how to get up and running in no time.

Need an answer now?

Ask us anything on chat to get started faster!

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