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Braulio, in my 18 years of digital marketing/SEO career, I've used many desktop and SaaS applications, an0d many of them are butt ugly or lack the finesse that professional SaaS apps offer. Yours tops 97% of them and your professional brand+UI extends to even your sales page. Kudos! Plus, to integrate your scripting into the ecosystem the way you've done, plus simplifying the process but yet have an extensive footprint is incredible. Thanks for creating a powerful Saas tool with a pleasant user experience!

Hi all, just joined yesterday and I gotta say WOWZERS, this is an incredible piece of software gold... AND... an amazing community here in this group.

Hi Braulio P

I'm happy to see the new subscribers to Staxio -- but not surprised! It is such good and time saving software

I would love to be able to add html to the spun article, I am assuming I cannot do this right now? any chance of this happening?

I have been interested in Google stacks in general for quite a while now, but I have never jumped in heavy because I HATE using crappy and hard to use software(s). I OWN tons of these types of software, but just don't use them. Crappy software is defined as software that makes me do the work, that the software should be doing.

Running a Facebook group dedicated to finding great SEO software. I am always on the lookout for something new, and actually spend quite a bit of time and money, buying software just to check it out.

Staxio was no different; I bought it with the idea of checking it out and testing it after giving up long ago, on the idea of actually finding something that worked as advertised, specifically for Google Stacks.

Well, it actually worked quite well, better than I would have even thought, way better. We tried it on one of our test sites, which is in a very competitive niche with competitive terms. In seven days, we took a number of keyword terms from the fourth page of the Google search engine results to the second page. That happened in seven days, on a whim.

I was so impressed, I decided to create a well thought out testing plan for the software. This time we would be using it for reputation management, specifically with the idea of moving multiple properties up through the SERPS, and pushing down negative properties.

In six days (YES SIX DAYS!) we have taken over the featured snippet, which for months has been owned by a negative property, and we own seven out of the ten spots on the first page. This is a project we have been working on for MONTHS with little movement!

I'm not going to go into the nuts and bolts about how we ran these campaigns and the strategy behind them, but I will tell you this, none of it would have happened without Staxio. And the Staxio component took the least amount of time and was the easiest to accomplish for each campaign.

And don't get me started an the above and beyond support. 🙂 The software is the real deal!

I am only a few days in and I am getting results. For my local location I am #1 spot in the mappack while I wasn't even in it.

This is moving fast!

Quick feedback... Ive been using Staxio for about a month.. super impressed with this product.. fast - does what it claims .. and most importantly .. it moves the needle... Ive used a bunch of similar products in the past and this one by far.. is the best.

I was having an issue with the product late last night.. I thought for sure .. its a bug.. let Staxio know about the issue and first thing this am Braulio P was there helping me out.. he spent a good 30-45 min with me and figured out.. it was my PC and not the software. Very patient - very helpful.

Best product around.. best support you can ask for.

Something fantastic. I already have a testimonial. I bought Staxio late on Saturday. I ran Staxio against 3 projects on Sunday. 2 on my clients and 1 on a personal project I'm able to screenshot with you right now.

Last night before I literally went to sleep, my 1 client which offers a 24 hr emergency service, I'll say that. Informed me that he had a day full of calls. When he investigated. He learned he was on the 3-Pack.

I just got off the phone with the second client. (I'm being outsourced from another SEO) He said he gotten notices from his rank trackers of a boost in the property I'm working on for him. I'm getting the keep up the good work.

So, I said, before I came here let me check on my personal project. Lo and behold, I'm sharing this with you guys.

A solid process and strategy goes a long way, but yeah. If it's possible, I'd OTS this. However, I want to say, it's not just the tool that helped me. It's being able to take advantage of it all and getting Google to notice.

I have a friend who I will be showcasing Staxio to later on, and she loves my reports when I say, it's not suppose to happen yet.

Staxio has been a dream come true Cloud app for building Google properties. I had encountered at least 4 separate tools that are desktop base which are hard to maintain and use. Braulio has been very helpful and fast in fixing any glitch encountered on the software. Thanks David WhiteGold Edwards for introducing this amazing tools to me and Braulio for creating it.

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my experience with Staxio..

First of all the introduction talk with Braulio was amazingly rich in knowledge and interesting facts...

Braulio is truly passionate about this software and I found the fact that he personally take from his time to welcome and explain the software to new customers very nice...

After 2 weeks of using it, it's now very easy and it takes around 10 min to create a Google site with all its stack + to index it...

Have done 7 today and will let you know the results.

The community and the fb group is very nice too...

This is the kind if software I was looking for to scale my ranking techniques..

Thanks you. All the best

So a kinda cool way I use Staxio,

I have client phone wanting a SEO service , go through the usual process to land a client , discussion, proposal , keywords ect. Then once they hang up from call I fire up staxio and try to land a doc with my phone number on it , in the serps.

Then I send them the serps with proof that I can rank quickly for them. Jjust did it the other day and land a client about 2 hours after I ranked a doc on serps in 24 hours


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