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WordPress Freedom

Honestly, is babysitting the nearly daily updates and always wondering if something will break, a dream come true?


Speed, SEO, performance, accessibility, all metrics crafted to perfection.

Thoroughly tested, and optimized to the highest standards. Countless hours spent by our team, researching and perfecting every line of code.

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Fast and Beautiful 🚀

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Hosting and WP free,

Blogspot and HTML Sites

Build 100% performance optimized websites, without paying for hosting or wordpress.

The Blogspot platform is a free content management system (CMS) from Google. At absolutely ZERO COST you get:

- free hosting on a secure platform, free SSL certificate, option to add a custom domain, multiple themes, add editors and admins, configure a custom robots.txt file, and many other features.

Zero Maintenance

Zero Hosting Costs

Free SSL Certificates

Custom Domain

Approve on Google News

Monetize with Adsense & Ad-Networks

Run Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Create Content Syndication Networks

Resell on Flippa & Fiverr

Build private PBN's

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Our fastest theme for Blogspot.

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What can I do with these websites?

You can get them approved in Google News (with or without a custom domain), you can monetize them with affiliate links from Adsense or any Ad network, you can create your privately owned network of sites that send authority to your links so that you can rank in Google, you can flip them for a profit, or resell them on platforms like Flippa and Fiverr, you can create your private PBN network of sites, you can use them to develop your affiliate marketing campaigns. There are many avenues and angles to these websites you can explore.

What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund.